GM Sponsored Programs
General Motors Conquest program "Bump the Competition"
  -This program lets us sell you OEM collision parts in place of aftermarket when designated by the insurance company.  Simply send us the complete insurance estimate and we'll do the rest.  There are over 3,000 approved part numbers on this program and the list grows everyday.

GM's "Fast-Cash" Rewards Program

-Any Genuine GM Parts Hood, Fascia, Headlamp Assembly, Tail Lamp Assembly, Bumper, Energy Absorber, Bumper Reinforcement Bar, or Radiator Core Support specified on a repair shop repair order (or estimate) and installed in place of an aftermarket version is eligible for a $15 Fast-Cash rebate.  Go to for details! 

100% Write Rebate Reward Program

​-You can receive a rebate of 5% off list price on your GM parts when you repair using 100% GM parts on ALL repairs using 100% GM Collision Parts.  Click Here for Details!!